Monday, January 2, 2012

God's Work......Our Witness

People are trapped in 1) sin, 2) religion, or 3) spirituality. Sinners assume they can’t change, religious people assume they can change themselves, and spiritual people want to change but open themselves to any spiritual force or power to do so, including the demonic. You do need to change and you do need another power to change you, but it must be the power of the Holy Spirit—which is what empowered Jesus’ life. Repent of your sin, religion, or spirituality; receive the Holy Spirit; become a new person; and live a new life. Mark Driscoll

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Homestead Living said...

Our bodies were meant to be filled with one thing...the Holy Spirit!

Also, your comment made me smile last night. "Although I don't wear high heals and pearls, I am clothed in His righteousness." BEAUTIFUL!!!

You too have a blessed New Year!

Lots of love to you friend and sister!