Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Pictures from the last few days..

I've been busy sewing pillows for my "new to me" church pew that Daniel gave me for Christmas. I really like it!! I've wanted a pew for years to provide extra seating in the sun room and this is just perfect. I enjoy coming out here in the morning to see the sun rise and to is so beautiful and peaceful.

A great bonus was to see that the hymnal racks were still on the I took them off and I will mount these on the walls to hold books or magazines. I am so thrilled! I know I must lead a pretty dull life to be "thrilled" about hymnal racks!!! :)

We also took a few hours to make caramels. The boys really like to have caramels around and I don't make them as often as I would like.

Joshua helped me make some cookies and learned more about sifting.
Benjamin loves to have his hands in the dough. He's the one who likes to roll out the dough and frost ALL the cookies with an inch of icing and sprinkles. :) I decided to make ball cookies this time!
Noah is the mixer man. He like to operate it and then lick the beaters. I think this was my favorite also as a child.
Thanks Jennie for the inspiration to make some goodies with the boys. They have eaten most of the cookies and a lot of the caramels already. I didn't get to the soft peanut brittle but there's always another day.

Grace Alone.

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Homestead Living said...

caramels...yummy! That is something we've never attempted. It looks like you had a very fun cooking day!

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. The children always enjoy seeing your children.

What a neat Christmas present from Daniel. I too love those antiques. What a treasure! Your room looks so cozy and inviting, which is what our soul yearns for in those early morning hours. A place to humbly empty of ourselves and be filled with Him. :)

Hope you have a blessed weekend friend,