Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions..........or Relationship?

I have found that resolutions made in my own strength fail miserably. We've all been there, the moment a new year rolls around we think about all the things we are doing wrong.

Each of us have areas of comission and omission that God brings conviction upon. We know we should be doing this or that, and we find ourselves trying to keep up with this woman, who we think "has it all together."

We want to be like that family "who is doing it the right way." Many times we're looking so hard at each other or at ourselves, horizontally, that we forget about the One vertical relationship that is the most important.

There are places for goals and deadlines, but be cautious of the devil. He likes to bring condemnation, where Jesus bring conviction......Big difference; one brings death, the other hope.

I believe that if we are in a relationship with God, walking with Him and talking, and reading his Word, we will know what needs changed and God will bring the grace needed to help us through. God knows that we will not be perfect! He knows we will struggle in areas. The Bible is full of examples of men and women who failed miserably, but found the grace of God. I think Mark Driscoll says it better than I do:

"And when the Bible speaks of God being in covenant with us, let me tell you some things it reveals about God. First, it shows that God is gracious. See, God owes us nothing. He could’ve just taken Adam and Eve, “You sinned. You die. You go to hell. The race is over. That’s it.” He could do the same with us. God is gracious. He owes us nothing. And he pursues us for the purpose of relationship." I love that!! "He pursues us for the relationship." ..........not the resolve to "do" better!

So this year, I want to pursue a stronger New Year's Relationship......what about you?

By Grace Alone,



Homestead Living said...

YES!!! More of Him, less of me and that includes me trying on my own strength! That makes me weary and burns me out fast anyways.
Jeff and I were just recently talking about how easy it is to look at others and what they are doing and how they do it and not look to the word and the wonderful example that Jesus himself led for us. How foolish we can sometimes be!

Pam... said...

More about Him. Like when I read my Word, I often wonder what he has to say to me. Or what should I do about this, etc. See? I'm so selfish. What if I prayed and read with the mindset of just praising and adoring Him?

Good thoughts about piling unnecessary resolves on ourselves that we don't need to do. In fact, some really weigh us down needlessly. His yoke =light.