Friday, December 28, 2012

These make me smile.

These make me smile: 

 Katie, helping me make potato soup.......even though she tossed the whole potato into the pan and made quite a splash. :)

Handmade braided rugs that Erika gave me for Christmas. She bought these from the thrift store!  Just beautiful.
                                          Playing games together.

                 A thrifted air-popper that is used almost every weekend for movie night.
                                             Noah, snacking on popcorn.

                   I rarely get Bath and Body works. This was a special treat.

Benjamin, playing with the farm animal magnets. Still a little boy.
                                                                     Soft white lights.
                     Daniel and Sarah spending an evening at our home watching movies.

My black and white wall made from thrifted picture frames painted black and white. 

Katie loving her baby. 
 My great-grandmothers milk pitcher. I've wanted this for years and my mom gave it to me this Christmas. :)

One tired guy. 

 I brought Larry's grandmother's treadle sewing machine down to show the children how women used to sew. Benjamin commented that this machine is just like the one the Grinch to sew his costume!!  It is now settled in the kitchen.
                                                 Daniel helping Joshua with his Algebra.

               An old toolbox sitting on the table holding my silverware. and other essentials.

What things make you smile?

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Homestead Living said...

Love this post!
Piles of snow garments,
Hot chocolate smiles,
card playing,
lego building,
husband off all week,
reading by the fire,
warm soup,
wonderful family and friends like you!
Much love,