Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Christmas

We take yearly pictures. Here is Hunter, Erika, and Katie. 

                                             Daniel and Sarah are spending a lot of time together.

We spend a lot of time taking picture after picture after picture. By the twentieth one......we look like this!

We receive many cards and picture card from family and friends.

We sing Christmas songs and read the Christmas story. 

 Noah played Silver Bells and Jesus loves me this year for everyone to hear.

We spend many hours watching movies that we've grown up with and reading a lot of books. 
Working through the Jesse Tree Journey has been a wonderful blessing for our family.
 Wrapping gifts with basic brown paper.....I really like this. They turn out so pretty with the names of Jesus in marker and an ornament on top.

                                We found an old Scrabble game and made our names into ornaments.
                  We attended a play that Joshua was in. He did a really good job in the choir.

              We celebrated the birth of Christ and his coming. Now, to celebrate it each day forth.


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Homestead Living said...

Fun memories Kim. We too did the Jesse tree and were blessed by truth and hope. Little Katie is growing so fast! Hope to see you soon.