Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drying Herbs

 I've been gathering herbs from my garden and I have a pretty good stash so far. I like to make Pesto with the basil.
 Sage is so good and easy to dry.

Rosemary is expensive in the stores and I like to grow it and dry it for winter pizza nights.
 These two bags are full of mint. There's nothing like a tall glass of mint iced tea when it's hot outside! I have taught the boys to drink iced mint tea and they really like it now.
 Here is the yeild after I took the leaves off the stems.
 I have the dehydrator full and it will take a few hours at 95 degrees for these to dry enough that I won't have to worry about spoilage. I have hung my herbs to dry in the basement before because it's cool down there. But when I'm short on time I like to pull out the dehydrator.
If you have room to make a raised bed and like to use herbs in your cooking, you may want to get some starts from the store or a good friend.


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