Sunday, March 11, 2012

A spring Sunday.

What a beautiful day! I took some pictures of Katelyn today all dressed up. She is wearing one of Erika's dresses that I saved all these years.
I plante Crocus bulbs last fall and they are so pretty.
One of Daniel's bees is working really hard. Daniel is so happy that his hive made it through the winter. He's looking forward to honey this fall.
Ben and Noah playing with their swords and being silly.
Joshua found a few old firecrackers and was trying them out. Many were "duds" as he calls them. They had a few good ones in the bunch which added to the fun.
Larry took the boys on a bike ride and then played catch afterward.
Noah is really a good batter.....almost went into the street.After supper, I mixed up some cookie dough for the boys to eat......because you know.......they really don't want any baked cookies!! :D
Yum! But I can only eat one or two balls of dough or I feel really sick.
I hope you had a restful Sunday!

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Homestead Living said...

Sounds delightful! We had some friends meet us down at the camp after lunch and we let the big children ride bikes around while the little ones played on the playground. Then we went hiking through the woods and tried out the obstical course and then back to our house for hotdogs over a fire. It's hard to believe it's early March!!! Although I'm not complaining at all. We are really hoping to see your family this Saturday. It will be nice to catch up a bit.
Hope you have plenty more days this week like yesterday.
Lots of love,