Sunday, March 25, 2012

R & R

Larry and I went to Berlin, Ohio for the weekend. We stayed at Sojourner's Cabin borrowing the idea from our friends Jeff and Jennie Warner. Thanks Jennie!
It was so nice to watch the different Amish and Mennonite families riding and enjoying their day.
We stopped at a few little stores and hit the thrift stores; a favorite of mine.
We enjoyed the scenery and the simplicity of this Amish community.

The Amish homes are much larger in Holmes County than in Berne, Indiana. I would have enjoyed looking inside but never took a tour. :)
At the cabin, we walked the enjoyed the silence and solitude.
Larry likes old trails and just being in nature.
The trees were so tall and calm.

This is the cabin that we stayed in. We had a nice welcome from the local cat. She was so fun. Larry bought a gallon of Maple Syrup to take home to the boys. They like real syrup for their waffles and pancakes. I like to for our granola.
If you ever have a chance to visit Holmes County, stay here. It was wonderful!!

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Homestead Living said...

How Fun!!! I'm so glad you were able to go their. It was such a peaceful time for us and it looks like you had a similar experience! It was cold and rainy when we went and so we weren't able to take advantage of the trails.
Have a blessed week!