Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ben is 11!

On the heater puffing up!

The boys made their Valentine box from the movie "Frozen". It was so cute. 


Bible verses to memorize.

2nd Place Winners!

A lot of time creating with Legos

Daniel and Kellie

My little helper.

An afternoon outside exploring produced THIS!  

More creations. 

Noah and Katie spend a lot  of time playing and reading. 

Chicken Quesadillas for lunch.  A favorite. 

Katie has a sweet tooth but she doesn't like Black Jelly Beans!

Ben eating his very own Deviled Eggs that he learned to make. 

Mr. Jumpy!

Watching an episode of "Angel Wars" on this rainy day. 

A messy house is a house filled with creative children who love being home!!

By Grace Alone,

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