Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

My Mom with Hunter, Erika, Katie, and Carter. 

Enjoying each others' company.

Listening to GT and the Halo Express and singing along. 

Erika made me a rag rug!! 

My Mom admiring her bird feeder.

Daniel and Kellie talking about his new movie, Calamity Jane.

Hunter really likes Carnival Taffy and I found a huge bad at Sam's. 

Noah enjoying his car. 

Ben opening up his Tin Tin books. 

Carter asleep in his soft, fuzzy, Lion blanket. 

I really needed a Calendar for this coming year, and its a Lang. 

Katie modeling her Duck Dynasty pink camo hat. 

My mom gave me this little doll that used to be on my Grandmother's bed. This doll is so special because my Grandmother was blind for 72 years. Everything in her home was always the same: the same bedspread, the same dolls, the same gray and pink apron, the same old bowls and the same furniture. I loved going to her home because it was special. This is a treasure.
I hope your Christmas was as special as ours this year.

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