Monday, December 16, 2013

Slow Days Around Here........Oh, So, Nice!!!

I've always wanted more counter space so Larry built me this one. 

I made a small batch of Coffee scented soap.

I added me coffee grounds for an exfoliating effect. 

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Katie is a little goofy after a long evening of sewing.

Mr. Carter is getting so big!

We've been following an Activity Advent Calendar and these are two of the 8 movies we've watched so far. 

Noah spent the afternoon building this really nice snowman. He did a great job!

Cheeseburger Soup......mmmmmm.

I made an Activities Advent Calendar this year and we've had such fun. We've made ornaments, watched movies, fed the birds with homemade feeders, bought gifts for needy families, took a hot cup of cocoa to a Bell Ringer, made snowflakes and many more to come. This is a keeper. 

This is one of my favorite pieces of kitchen hardware. I really like my cast iron griddle. It makes perfect Grilled Cheese. 

The children have been enjoying this story book each evening.


We make ornaments each year and this year they are from a branch. 

Our Keurig is getting a workout. We've been making many cups of hot cocoa and tea. 

Grace and Thanksgiving. 

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Homestead Living said...

It looks like everyone is enjoying their winter break and getting some extra things done. We will be re-batching some soap soon. :)
I love your sign on the cabinet.
Miss you friend,