Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slow Days here at Home.

1. My brother gave me a wonderful old wooden box. Katie has claimed it for her new toy box.
2. Noah and Benjamin have enjoyed several days of coloring......Charlie Brown and the Peanuts are their favorite.
3. and 4. I've slowly been adding to the block box over the past year. We now have a lot and the boys are able to build many things.
5. I really like the detail of these old blocks. The pictures are so......vintage.  :)
6. The making of walls.
7. Defining the day in words.
8. Katie resting, while in her little dream world of thoughts.

Enjoying slow days at home. The soft rain is so peaceful.

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the linen closet said...

Katie sure is cute! I love your old block collection. We have some old blocks too and I think the art on them is so neat. My little Claire loves playing with them. Thanks for the fun post!