Saturday, January 12, 2013


The older I get I seem to like routines a lot better than I used to. I enjoy waking up at pretty much the same time each and everyday to spend time with the Lord and remember his gifts to me. 

I like getting the children started on their schoolwork and they seem to like it better when things are the same each day.
I do one load of laundry each day from start to finish. The boys help with the chores which teaches them responsibility and they learn that a family takes each person.
The fire in the wood stove needs to be tended to each morning and evening.
Joshua is taking over this job as Daniel is at college and is away from home a lot.
Reading to Katie is a daily thing I like to do.

Teaching the children to pick up their toys when they're finished playing keeps the house tidy.
Preparing  for supper by thawing out meat early in the morning makes supper time more managable.
Getting up, taking a shower, and getting dressed for the day, is a big help to having your day run smoothly.
Larry and Daniel like to have their drinks ready in the morning. Larry enjoys coffee and Daniel like his Iced Tea.
Noah likes to get the eggs each morning and give the chicken their food and water.
A clean sink is a joy to wake up to in the morning. :)
Katie arrives about 8:30 three days a week to spend time with her uncles and me.
Katie likes feeding the squirrels, a piece of bread, each morning she is here.
Joshua likes to work on his quizzing each day to keep it fresh in his mind.
Bedtime stories from Uncle Arthur.

Ben and Noah picking out their story.

 I have also learned to "have-a-place-for-everything-and-put-everything-in-its-place". This is a great help each day. Remembering to teach the children to put thing back into their proper places gives me the little extra time to create things at home. Above I'm working on a memo board made from an old feed sack. Check out Laura's feed sack board at
And at the end of a long day I can say........"Today was a good day!"
By Grace Alone,

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