Saturday, January 5, 2013

Plants, like children, take time.

I really like plants. I've always wanted to have plants and flowers all over my house. I've read that they purify the air and are able to lift your spirits. 

But to have nice plants takes time. 
Time to water them, time to prune them, time to fertilize them. 
Time to be in the sunlight and have just the right amount. 

Time to re-pot them when they become seriously overgrown! Hence the poor Fern below. :(
Plants need to be supported when little. They need to be trained and their new shoots need to be supported. 
This is why my plants look so pitiful. It is a reflection on me. I haven't taken the time to invest in them. I haven't spent time each day caring for them. Plants remind me of children. My children. When I don't spent quality time training them and investing in them........they will suffer and show signs of neglect. Over the years, I've been guilty of not spending enough time with my children.
But for many years now I try each day to teach them from God's word, read with them several good books, go swimming, help them enjoy their schoolwork and just play games.
I have a long way to go, but with Gods help I will succeed.........there may even be hope for my flowers. Someday.
By Grace Alone,

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Homestead Living said...

Excellent analogy. I notice that when my children are short and snappy with each other it's simply a reflection on me. I always have to look at my attitude, my time spending or wasting, my heart before I can start to figure out the problem.

Lord, help us mothers to be faithful to the blessed task you have called us to. Keep us focused on the bigger prize. Help us not to get distracted. Be our source so we can reflect you to our dear ones. Thank you for your grace when we fall.

Because of Him alone,