Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I spent most of the afternoon cleaning out our craft dresser. Whenever we would buy or find crayons, markers, paint, scissors and construction paper for a good price or for school, I would pick some up. Well the bad thing is that I rarely went down to actually check-out that dresser.  Big mistake. Mental note: don't buy anymore craft supplies.

 I sorted a huge box of construction paper and put then in a new drawer by color groups.
I hope I never let the craft dresser get that bad again......but I know too well that I will. :)

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Homestead Living said...

I just saw an idea I want to do with my kiddos from Nursery of the can use some of that red and green paper and let the kids make a paper chain. before they glue the pieces together, have them write different names of Jesus on each one; Wonderful counselor, Prince of Peace, Almighty Savior, ect. I wish I could come up with some of these cool ideas. :)
Happy Crafting!!!

Glad little Katie is feeling better, that is no fun for them at such a tender age. :(