Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enough said!

I'm a little bit of a Scrooge.........I started taking down most of the Christmas decorations yesterday. I just want my home back to normal. We still have the tree up though. 

I've been organizing the boys' rooms today. What a big job. But I'm so happy to have the upstairs in order; all beds made, floors swept, dusted, and toys in their proper places, and several bags by the garage cans. Yes!
Moved to the main level and I've re-arranged furniture, hung pictures, and organized and have given several bags to the thrift store. The basement is this afternoon. Daniel is getting his stuff organized. He is filling up one eave that he has claimed for himself. Erika still has her's filled with her Barbie and baby doll stuff. It is soooo freeing to just let go of "stuff" cluttering up my life. I hate maintenance. It takes time away from what is truly important.
Have a great day. We are getting a lot of SNOW!!!