Saturday, September 1, 2012

Decorating With Boys.

Here we have the newest style of hanger. It is easily accesible and always the right size!  :)

People used to complain of springs in their sofas, but we have Legos.  :)

Trucks and Trains are the new rave in home decorating these days, the colors are so vibrant.

This vignette represents scenes from nature and also the latest headphone gear, all in one. ;)

This cozy little corner would make anyone feel right at home.

This basket can be purchased at fashioned with the latest Bionicals for the builder in your family. ;)

A few good books behind a chair for those late night readings.

And we can't forget the Porcelain potpourri holder in the bathroom that holds the grooming kits for the men!

Also available at Menards are these wonderful door knobs that hold cell phone and thumbdrives.  We have now completed our home tour of "Decorating With Boys" I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.  I love my men even if their decorating styles are a little different than mine.

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Homestead Living said...

Oh Kim, this was a riot!!!
Looking forward to viewing the pictures of the honey process.
What a lucky momma to have so much honey!
Miss you friend,