Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sauerkraut it one of Larry's favorites. I've never canned it before because I was a little intimidated by the whole fermenting thing in a crock. I received a few jars from a friend and it was so good that I thought I would give it a try. I shredded two large heads of cabbage.
Added one teaspoon each of sugar, salt and white vinegar to each quart jar. Pint jar I only added 1/2 t. of each per jar.

I then filled each jar with boiling water.

The directions said to put the lids and rings on, but not to tighten them. The cabbage will ferment for 10 days and then I will need to hot water bath them for 10 minutes. I hope they turn out, because we have 38 jars!!! We will be blessed with a lot of sauerkraut for awhile, and my hubby will be happy. :)


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Homestead Living said...

I just may have to try this recipe...after you tell us if they turn out good. I too have thought the process was more involved. This one doesn't sound so bad.
Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a blessed Lord's day. :)