Friday, February 10, 2012

Joshua and I have been busily working on his quilt for these past few days. He wanted to make one with all of his favorite t-shirts from the past several years. He was able to finish cutting most of them out and lay them out in a pattern last night.

This morning Joshua started sewing the rows together. It was rather challenging to not stretch them out of shape while sewing. We had to use a lot of pins. :)

He was able to sew all the strips together before he went to the Christian school for his English class.

Hopefully we'll be able to finish it this weekend. Have a great day!



Homestead Living said...

This is truly impressive! Bailie was very surprised to see Josh's wide range of abilities! Way to go Kim!
I am supposed to make one of these for my niece for her graduation this year. Did you use something special to cut them out?
Our children love to look at your pictures too. :) Thanks for sharing.
Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Homestead Living said...

Good gob Josh I can't what to see you again hope you guys are feeling good.

~Kelly~ said...

Hello! I love this idea. I am also saving shirts, from both of my boys, to make a quilt for them someday. This one looks awesome~ I'm very impressed by your son sewing this together. I'm off to peek around your blog some more.
Take care!

(I'm visiting via SouleMama.)