Friday, December 16, 2011


This Nativity was one we bought when we first got married. Our family looks forward to setting it up each year. The boys "discuss" who gets to put Jesus in the manger each year.

I bought this cross at the thrift store and it is the whole story of Jesus' birth.

We have this Advent calendar that we've been using and we've enjoyed it each year.

We made an advent wreath this year to remember Jesus' coming.

Each year the children make a new ornament. Some years they turn out very well.....and other years they don't make it!!

One year we made these wonderful cinnamon ornaments! I thought these were so fragrant and would be a wonderful addition to the tree. Apparently Benjamin did too. He came up from the basement where they were drying and said, "Those cookies downstairs taste yucky!" He was 3 :)

We really enjoy our Christmas tree each year. The children have so much fun pulling out the ornaments from the past years and enjoying them all over again.

Rejoice in the Savior,


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Homestead Living said...

Lovely! You're a wonderful mother Kim! I may borrow your last post. The children and I were talking about it over lunch today. So true...when we are crucified with Christ, do we really have room for anything else?
Great thoughts!
Love to you friend,