Monday, September 12, 2011

Schooling and Canning and Field trips, Oh My!!!

This is what I've been feeling the last three weeks since school is in full swing.
As you can see, Noah takes school very seriously with freeze pop in hand. He really like his reading books and he's doing such a great job!!
Joshua is also doing well. He and I are up at 6 each morning working to get all of his home school work completed before he goes to the Christian School for Math and English. He really likes having all his subjects finished by noon.

Benjamin is enjoying his school work and is learning so much. He's fun to have because he laughs at everything. He enjoys his reading books so much because of the true to life stories.

Canning apple pie filling for this winter has taken a lot of time. We are so glad when one jar doesn't seal and then we have a good excuse to sample our labors!! :)

We attended the Civil War Days at Camp Clay with the other home school families and had a wonderful time. The boys made their own butter.......

attempted to write with quills and were so thankful they have pencils to use each day during school.

The boys all agreed that this will be Daniel's next welding project. They really, really wanted to stay for supper at this man's tent!!!

The Muzzle loader demonstration was a favorite for the boys. They really enjoy the guns.

Joshua, Benjamin and Noah all tried their hand at the toys the Indian children would have played with many years ago.

The copper smith was very interesting. He shared how he made copper bowls, coffee pots and pans. He also gave each teacher a whistle!! A wise man not to give any to the children. :)

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