Saturday, July 16, 2011

Four sons wood sales.

The boys were busy cutting wood today for their business. Many years ago, we were praying and asking God how to teach the boys to work hard and to save and use money wisely. We burn wood each winter and always had some left so Larry thought it would be good for the boys to sell firewood to the campers that stay at the campground. The first summer Daniel and Joshua cut, split and sold 600.00 worth of wood.

Daniel was able to buy his go-kart and then the truck he has now. Joshua bought himself a go-kart and is saving his money for now. Ben has purchased a few things and continues to save also.

Teaching our children to work and to be diligent is so important. Each of the boys have learned that even though the work is unpleasant at times and they would rather quit there is the reward of a job well done. Teaching the children that God wants them "to work as unto the Lord" gives them a proper perspective. I think Noah needs to get in the game........not supervise!

Training little hearts for Him,


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Homestead Living said...

I love this post, Kim. So true!!!

Is your family looking forward to RENEW? I know our kids are counting the days. :)

See you then.