Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our swimming pool......a blessing!

I found it disturbing when I would take the boys to the city pool the choice of swimwear young girls and grown women were choosing.

Larry and I began to pray for an alternative and we were notified of a pool for sale. The family gave it to us at a price wayyyyyy below its worth. We have been so thankful to God that as the boys have grown they haven't been subjected to immodest young girls.

Who knew a few large pieces of styrofoam would bring this much joy and laughter.


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Homestead Living said...

We feel the same way. We too were blessed with a pool last year. I'm so thankful to other moms for protecting their sons.
I just recently wrote a post on this issue.
By the way, we have a towel of yours that was left over the weekend. :)