Friday, June 24, 2011

Read and Apply

Every other year I get together with a group of women to re-read this book. Each time I go through it God speaks to my heart in new ways. I find that I need to read this book often. We as women, tend to want to control our husbands and this book has caused me to think counter-cultural. Our society is totally against women loving, honoring, supporting, and cherishing their husbands. So many girls and young ladies are shown that men need to earn their respect. This is sin. We as women aren't perfect and neither should we expect our husbands to be perfect either. Reading this book has changed my thinking~

Coming together physically it's a gift.
I need to make him more productive and efficient.
I need to smile and have a joyful countenance.
Thankfulness is how you think; joy is the abundance it produces.
A women's calling isn't easy. To allow someone else to control your life is much harder than controling it yourself.
I desire to please my husband in all ways.
Embrace my Mr. Steady
Find my life in his.
I want to be a better wife, mother, and manager of the home
I need to simplify more areas of the home.
Provide an oasis of peace for him each day.
My husband, children, home and schooling are my job!
Train the children to help their father.

In Christ,

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Homestead Living said...

Love this post Kim! The more I hear your heart the more I see how much we have in common. I can tell we are going to get along quite well. :)