Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Thoughts

It's been twenty-five years since my father walked me down the isle. What a wonderful memory especially when ten short months later he died of cancer. I really miss talking to him and seeing him laugh and wear his baggy work pants. I miss how he flipped his hair like Ronald Reagan. I love you Daddy.

Twenty-five years ago we said "I do" and I love you more today. You are a wonderful, caring, and "steady" hubby. You're a great father who loves spending time with his children, providing a home and being an example of a godly husband and father, and a loving grandpa to sweet Katelyn. Thank you for all you do for us and for being the man God called you to be.

Wow! Do we really look that good! Grey hairs, wrinkles, a few extra pounds......but love in the eyes. Happy Father's Day. We love you.

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Homestead Living said...

Great post Kim. The first time I was able to visit with both you and your husband I could tell you were still wildly in love with each other. It is so fun to see a couple who radiates their love and devotion.
What an excellent model for your children of a godly marriage!