Friday, December 31, 2010

Larry bought me this plaque from the Billy Graham Library on their trip to the Operation Christmas Child processing center. God welcomes everyone to come and dine at His table.

Alison, Daniel's girlfriend, really likes to sew and I bought her a purse pattern and she was so happy.

Mr. Steady likes anything involving deer. He really enjoys hunting and the meat to feed the family is so good. Thank you Lord for providing it each year.

I like anything old. My home is filled with old pillows, furniture, old towels and bowls. I like to fill my home with things that my grandparents would have had in their home. Joshua gave me this old stove and now it sits atop my refrigerator.

The boys went shopping for grandma and Ben picked out this bright shawl and Noah bought her a set of burner covers for her stove.

Hunter and Erika were married in August so we put a collage together of their wedding pictures to display in their home.

Each Christmas Erika buys Halloween costumes on clearance to give to the little boys. This is one of the things they look forward to. Here are Benjamin and Noah as dragons, wings and all.

Nerf guns are a big hit around our house with four boys. Daniel and Joshua were so happy to get these. Over Christmas vacation a group of boys from church get together in the gymnasium at the church and set up tables as "bunders and shields" and chairs atop one another to make "barbed wire fence" and they spend the whole day in the dark having wars. I'm so thankful that the boys can have good clean fun and good friends.

Dad reading the Christmas story to us.

Grandma searching for Silent Night in her book of christmas songs for us to sing along.

I hope that your Christmas was one of peace and joy. Our Christmas was one of love and fellowship and I'm so thankful that we simplified it many years ago. I look forward to Christmas each year to remember what Jesus did for me and my family and the whole world. It is by grace alone that I'm a child of the King. I couldn't do anything to make myself good enough. Jesus did it all for you and me.

By Grace Alone,


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