Sunday, November 23, 2008

Annual Youth Hunt

5:00 is pretty early. Larry needs some coffee!!! A breakfast of eggs and toast await them. Daniel smiling because I'm trying to convince him he needs to eat his breakfast. He's not a morning person and breakfast is his least favorite meal. I baked a pumpkin pie for the guys because it's their favorite. And a hot supper awaited the guys. I made Chicken Tortellini Soup with chips and biscuits.This was Joshua's first hunt under the apprenticeship program. He had a good time. He also shot at a few deer but was too far away. I'm really thankful they are all safe at home and for God's protection. Daniel was quite disappointed this evening when he got home. He shot a doe and they tracked her for about a mile. The blood line was good until she ran into the river and they lost the trail.

One tired, cold and hungry daddy. Highlights of our Saturday.

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